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Exhaust System, Suzuki Hayabusa, Alien Head - Brock

$ 1,092.00
Exhaust System, Suzuki Hayabusa, Alien Head - Brock 2008-2011 Exhaust System, Suzuki Hayabusa 08-11, Alien Head - Brock Brocks Performance Products announces their Alien Head Exhaust package for the Gen II Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa. Not just an off-the-shelf pipe, these systems are complete performance upgrade packages specifically designed for "serious stock" and Large CC or heavily modified Busa. The larger and more powerful your engine is. the better this system functions! BUT stock engines LOVE this system also, with power levels which rival even our Generation 3 system! Included are specially-designed lightweight stainless steel header pipes joining to a full race megaphone, complete instructions detailing horsepower-freeing air box modifications which retain the stock air filter for maximum engine longevity, pipe installation instructions and a floppy disk containing maps for use in conjunction with the Dynojet Power Commander for your year machine. (Power Commander not included). New from Brocks Performance .the Ultimate in RACE exhaust systems for STREET use get a facelift! The new Alien Head Exhaust System combines our legendary Generation 3 Front Section (full) with our new Alien Head Muffler! The result is race proven performance with a one of a kind drag race look. without the inherent drawbacks of a sidewinder. There is no reduced right hand cornering clearance or rear brake lever to pipe clearance issues. NO fairing modifications are required and the stock oil cooler and lines remain intact. The Alien Head Exhaust System has an even more aggressive sound than our Street Megaphone Exhaust System, but it still acceptable for street use. A cool new look combined with our most aggressive sound ever will assure that the Alien Head is the system everyone is talking about. For those who love the new look but want to calm the sound with minimal performance loss, we suggest the OPTIONAL Noise Reduction Plug The front section (from the engine to the Muffler) is constructed of an aerospace quality ultra-light stainless steel. The Alien Head package comes with a Alien Head muffler. (Note: the baffle in the Alien Head muffler is NOT removable) The total system weight is just over 9lbs. The Alien Head Package Includes: Detailed exhaust system installation instructions Suggested air box modification instructions

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